Friday, 24 August 2012

Cheetah features - The 80s

The 80s

The other day we stumbled upon a new category on Zazzle - Vintage T-shirts. Curious as we are we had to check out what was on offer and boy did we like what we saw! The coolest 80s t-shirts you can imagine.

This gave us the idea for this week's feature - nothing less than The 80s! Not that we think it needs us to be featured but it is always great to get back in time to a period in our life when neon-pink was hip and life itself was colourful.

So please have a look at these great tributes to one of the best decades yet! And why not share your thoughts on the 80s in the comments section?


Rock Me Amadeus Buttons
Rock Me Amadeus Buttons by KPAmadeo
Browse additional pin buttons at
Vintage Camera iPhone 4 Case
Vintage Camera iPhone 4 Case by kinggraphx
Create one-of-a-kind custom phone cases online at Zazzle.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Cheetah features... Dry Erase Boards

Cheetah features...

Dry Erase Boards   

Don't we all know this situation - somebody gives us a phone number or our flatmate has had the last drop of milk this morning and all we can find is either a receipt or napkin from last night's dinner. Worst case scenario the whole flat or even house is covered in yellow, pink or purple post-it notes full of important things we want to remember.

Thanks to Zazzle our houses can be colourful and pretty without thousands of little papers sticking to our furniture or walls. One of their latest products are Dry-Erase Boards which can look quite creative and have a very practical purpose.

This week we have chosen some of our favourites... please have a look and feel free to leave a comment....